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I’m Eric Tippelt

I’m an automation specialist with 30+ years diverse experience.

About Me

I have spent most of my life working with PLCs and Automation.  I did my first PLC job back in 1978 because I knew what the letters PLC stood for.  I didn’t even have to quote the job.
I became an Allen Bradley specialist when the PLC 2 first came out.  I have seen the PLC 2 family, the PLC 4 (Yes there was  one).  Then came the PLC 5, the SLC 500 and now the Control Logix.  I still remember the old boat anchor dedicated programming terminals that weighed 50 pounds.  The advent of Taylor software, RS 500 and RS 5000 and Studio 5000 Software.  I even did training and programmed the Advisor Color Graphics systems.  The fore father of todays HMI.
I was recruited by Siemens in the mid 80’s when the first S5 came to Canada.   I again worked for Siemens when the S7 line was launched.  I even liked the S5 Statement list programming language.  Today’s TIA software is much easier to use.  I love the power, and time savings of  Function Blocks.  Coming from an electronics background I find Function Block programming language very simple.  I never liked hard wiring much.  Today I teach College level Rockwell and Siemens.  Hopefully my experience can help you.

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Siemens Programming

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My Skills

After years in the industry as a technical sales professional, technician, trainer, automation specialist, and programmer, I have a 360 degree understanding of the challenges facing your automation team.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Technical Sales Experience

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